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Welcome To Our Orchard!

Growing and supplying premium quality stone and pome fruit

How gorgeous have this season's stonefruit been? 🍑Our growers work SO hard to get the best fruit possible to our stores. Make sure you get your fix before the season is over and add a little sweetness to your life where you can!

Posted by Aussie Summer Stonefruit on Thursday, 16 April 2020

Our Orchard

Bunbartha has the perfect climate, our trees are tended daily and pruned to catch the natural sunlight and our soil is rich and healthy to bear the best fruit. We have developed specific nutritional and fertiliser programs to create our own unique tasting fruit. Together our team is a family who all contribute to producing the A.C.N quality fruit.


Meet Our Apples

Our mouth-watering apples have a juicy taste and a sweet fragrance to give you a memorable eating experience. We hand-select only the top percent for fragrance, size and flavour. Our apple trees are grown, pruned and tended carefully to ensure the fruit has the perfect amount of sunlight, giving our apples their unique and delicious taste.


Meet Our Peaches

The flavour and enticing aroma of our peaches are what make the eating experience unforgettable. We hand-select only the best after careful scrutiny. Fragrance, size and flavour have to meet a high standard. Our peaches are perfectly tree-ripened and picked at the opportune time, to ensure a sweet, juicy and irresistible taste. 

Our Story

The business was formed back in 1984 when two brothers, Cohn and Nick Parris, took over from their late father. Together the brothers came up with the name ACN Orchards, it signifies family, pride and unity. Paying tribute to their late father, the A stands for Anthony, the C is for Cohn and the N is for Nick.

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