Chris Pratten
I write to congratulate you on the quality of your white flesh peach that I have been buying each week for many weeks from Romeo's IGA Supermarket at Summer Hill in Sydney. I am an old man who used to live not far from the orchard-growing area at Borenore, west of Orange, where I was a beef producer. I think I can safely say that your peaches this year have been the nicest, juiciest peaches that I have ever tasted in my life. I have just been amazed, in this day of cost cutting in Australian food production in general, that I have been able to buy this fruit week after week at my local supermarket. You the grower must be accorded chief's responsibility for producing such a high grade product. Thank you I must write to Romeo to ask him to try and stock your fruit again next season.  
Sophie Goh Cheng Lian
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your beautiful, sweet and juicy peaches this year. It came in a gift box of either 8 or 7 pieces. I bought numerous boxes to give away during Chinese New Year in Penang, West Malaysia. That's where I come from. Everyone who received them are grateful it's not another orange but the longevity peaches. Every morning, I have a peach to start my day till the season is almost over. I tried other peaches from other farms, none as good as yours. Just wanted you to know how much we as a family enjoyed your peaches from January through to March 2018. It's almost the end of the season soon, I'll be sure to look out for more next year. The packaging of 8 pieces is just brilliant to give away as gifts especially during Chinese New Year house visitations. Not too few or too many, but affordable.  Thank you so much
Barbara Trehy
I just wanted to say that your white flesh peaches this year were absolutely wonderful - the juiciest and sweetest peaches I have had in years.