Our Story

About Us

The business was formed back in 1984 when two brothers, Cohn and Nick Parris, took over from their late father. Together the brothers came up with the name ACN Orchards, it signifies family, pride and unity. Paying tribute to their late father, the A stands for Anthony, the C is for Cohn and the N is for Nick.

The Orchard has grown to the successful business that it is today but remains the humble, passionate and family orientated environment that takes pride in producing the best tasting quality fruit. Over 12 months everything from the pruning to the nutritional program to the thinning and finally to the harvesting, has a purpose and reason behind it. The work and research has been put in to create the most memorable eating experience for the customer from their very first bite into their juicy piece of ACN Orchards fruit. 

Peaches white/ yellow